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Naruto Ending (Spoilers and What I liked about it)
[Let the spoilers continue....]Ok, so in my previous entry I stated what I didn't like or noticed so this one is just what I like about the ending:
-Naruto and Hinata end up together: tbh I prefer this over narusaku any day. It is also my first heteroship in the Naruto fandom. (before I grew interested in SasuNaru lol)

-The meaning of Bolt's name. Seriously, it's pretty cool.

-Friggen laptops lmao

-Konoha turning into a metropolis: Haha, I guess it's expected since it's been like 10+ years?

-Kurama bby being safe and sound and sleeping like an adorable foxy :3

-Naruto wanting to spend time with his kid but can't cause he is Hokage: It brings a more realistic view in the world of becoming an adult and a parent. You can't always be there for your kid if you have a really important job.

-Naruto telling Bolt that he should endure it cause he's a ninja too. Although I do hope that Naruto will manage to sneak out and spend time with Bolt more.

-Hinata is still beautiful. Sakura looks slightly better than her 12 yr old and 16 yr old self. Temari getting out of that... punk look that she sports in the movie.

-Shikamaru being Naruto's assistant. I totally saw that one coming. Along with ShikaTema. It was totally hinted HA.

-Konohamaru being an Iruka Ver. 2 lol (such irony)

-Konohamaru trio looks way better than when they were younger. THANK GOD.

-Salad and Burrito--er I mean, Boruto! I mean Bolt! Yeah, Salad and Bolt. lol



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