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Naruto Ending (spoilers and ranting) [Don't read if you don't like complaints]
*spoilers* Also me ranting bout the ending.
[Let the rant begin....]So I read the both chapter 699 and 700

and I do like the ending but:

-Who the hell names their kid Salad?

-How did Choji end up with Karui? They don't have any screen time together?

-Sai and Ino: Haha, tbh I thought that Sai would stay as asexual and Ino with Chouji

-Why does Naruto not use his shadow clones to spend time with his son? He has enough chakra and his clone won't go down so easily. Plus he will get the memories of his clone so it will be like he really is with his son.

-Gaara.... What the Hell happened to you?!?!?! ARE YOU TRYING TO BE ERWIN SMITH??? (Lmfao I cannot get over his haircut)

-I hate Naruto's haircut. I wish that it was around the same length. Although I guess it wouldn't look like Naruto had aged then huh? But still, I liked that length of his hair cause when he doesn't have his headband he looks super cute.

-R.I.P Sasuke's duck butt hair. It was one of the only ways I could recognize him. He also kinda look weird now

-I still can't believe Sasuke had a kid with Sakura... i... i just can't. I thought that he viewed Sakura as a little sister cause of that forehead poke. I think that he just had a kid with her out of convenience since he wants to revive the Uchiha clan.

There's also a fan theory that maybe Salad isn't Sakura's kid and instead Karin's cause of the glasses and face. And that Sakura is just step mom. Although with how Salad is like "Shannaro!" I think she is Sakura's kid, but that could just be cause Salad has Sakura as constant role model at home.

eh, maybe the movie will explain.

I think Sakura and Lee would have been nice. And Sasuke just being a drifter with no kids would be nice too. (bah, manga's over. what can you do?)

-I'm sorry (well not that sorry) but Kiba is fugly. :/

-Anko turned portly. Wow. I think this is cause of all the dango she eats?

-Bolt's and Himawari's design: Um, their hair looks really weird. Everything else is fine though but THE HAIR.... WHY? Maybe they will grow out of it?

- Shino's looks: .... i... i ... i can't comprehend???

[Don't read if you read the tags/warning and you no likey. Seriously. Don't.]Hahaha, and in my perfect fantasy dream world (where my favorite pairing is canon. It will never be canon tho):

SasuNaru: Either adopt a kid, surrogate mom, er... somehow they make a kid with both their DNA?

Naruto is Hokage, still has the same length of hair and doesn't wear his head band on his forehead but instead on his arm or somewhere else (Naruto with no headband is cute :D). Sasuke is Naruto's bodyguard or/and assistant after serving time or he has severe restrictions on him (he can still have a job as Naruto's bodyguard)

their (make-belief) kid is cool and not a brat or sweet and not a brat. Has sharigan :P go figure.

filler pairings in my little fantasy world:

LeeSaku: Lee loves Sakura and eventually Sakura learns to love Lee back (cause Sasuke will always reject her since he likes Naruto)

KibaHina: I really like the idea that Kiba has a crush on Hinata and Hinata eventually gets over her crush with Naruto and likes Kiba :)

ShikaTem: It's canon anyway lol

ChoIno: ship 'em together cause they're teammates and I don't want Chouji to be alone.

Sai: I'm really ok with him being alone. What keeps him going is friends.

Tenten: um... well originally I was good with NejiTen but Neji is staying dead [thank god there was no mass reviving like the pain battle but is sad Neji is dead] So... random guy?

and everything is peaceful :PPPPPPPPPPPP

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Ahhh the only person who is asexual is Kakashi and Gai lol XD At least that's my headcanon.

Lol yes. I also think it's canon too. xD Another Headcanon I have is that they support Kurenai a lot and spoil Asuma's kid rotten as super loving uncles.

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